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Yeah, Dell seems to have not compiled the -makehdrfile option into their more recent BIOS updates. They’ve also abandoned their linux BIOS update site, which is now suffering from bitrot. To be honest I don’t know why we bother having a Dell Support forum any more since there isn’t any Dell linux support that I can see. In fact it is more like Dell are actively obstructing linux at present. This is exceedingly annoying. My next machine will NOT be a Dell.

This is the method I used to update BIOS on my E6510

1. Install UNetbootin from synaptic
2. Run it and create a FreeDOS USB key.
3. Copy the exe BIOS update file to the USB key from inside ubuntu.
4. Reboot into BIOS setup and change the boot order to boot from USB
5. Boot into a live freedos session.
* The USB key will offer to install freedos on your hard disk. DONT – that is ubuntucide!
* Don’t use himem or or that other memory thingywhatsit – just straight freedos
6. C:
7. dir
8. run the update




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